Jetta Cook

Of all the exciting things I’ve done in my life like, traveling around the world, going study abroad to Europe, being a governess in an Austrian castle, being a published writer, working as a magazine staff writer in Okinawa, Japan, and researching acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine while there, almost nothing compares to the pure joy, happiness, and satisfaction I receive from serving people and helping them regain their health. But even greater joy comes to me from teaching people how to help themselves reach that desired fulfillment and happiness, and not to be codependent on me. I teach tools to get people to their highest level of satisfaction and happiness. A life they’ve really never experienced before! I really feel like I am making a monumental difference in people’s lives, and I know this is an important work.

I get what it’s like to be devastatingly and dehibilitatingly ill through my own health journey of many, many years overcoming chronic Lyme Disease and all the ripple effects. Because of this, I know the great importance of health in being able to live life to its fullest and in achieving one’s dreams.

Here’s to your health and happiness!

My formal education:

Received a Pre-Med Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology with a minor in chemistry and microbiology. I then specialized in microbiology and became a Clinical Hospital Microbiologist.

Post graduate degree in Secondary Science Education Teaching certificate.

Continuing education is very important to me and so I continually improve my skills and knowledge. This way I have many angles to approach the issues people are dealing with, giving more power to the sessions and lasting change.

Certified in:

Investigating Health

Body Talk

I have been studying with Courtney Beardall and Investigating Health for over 5 years now. I have taken all the classes she offers, attending some of them many times, gone to her retreats, and always attend her weekly on-going training.

I received one on one mentoring for one to two years each from Nicole Goble, Heidi Parker, and Sheena Curtis Smith Sosiadar.

Finished Healer's BluePrint 6 month Academy and really learned the program on a much deeper level.

Attending Tyler Watson's Abundance Alignment Technique 4 month certification program, for AAT, Dowsing, coaching and mentoring, and business.

Finished Janette VanLeer's Practitioner coaching program after taking her Basics and Advanced Transformation Code programs.

Coming soon! Certifications in: The Fix Code, Healer’s BluePrint, Transformation Code, Abundance Alignment Technique.

The way my sessions go, I use my intuition for direction after hearing the issues, use my own techniques, or muscle test approaches and modalities that would be most beneficial to the individual. My sessions usually go heavy on Investigating Health modality.

Along with Investigating Health, Investigation Brain, and Advanced Investigating Brain, these are some of the modalities that could be in the mix:

Abundance Alignment Technique

Fix Code

Healer’s BluePrint

Basic and Advanced Transformation Code

Complete Energy Balancing

Energetic Ignite Therapy

Energetic Cranial Sacral


Kirk Duncan mentoring/coaching program tools and helps

I use “Live Your Inspired Life” coaching program to help my clients which may have some of the above mixed in along with the Transformation Code which is part of the program.

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