Testimonials & Endorsements

Endorsement from Sheridan Ripley, Utah.

Teacher, Life Coach, Podcaster, and Author of 6 books.

Endorsement from Tyler Watson, Utah,

​President/owner/CEO of Abundance Masters and creator of Abundance Alignment Technique.

Update 5 days after Tyler's session

"I am actually feeling much more energetic. Thanks so much, Jetta."

If you want to get through the fog clouding your mind and spirit to a place of clarity and relief, try a session package with Jetta! She is excellent with muscle testing and gifted with intuition. She picks up on the core problem so you don't waste time trying to figure things out. She will already be lazer beam clear on it and be working on helping you release all the stuck thoughts, patterns, and more before you have fully identified it yourself. I was able to release a newfound layer of grief in our first session (and I have done many years of work on my past.) At the IGNITE Therapy Retreat she demonstrated her gentle compassion for those she worked with and her passion for the work she does. I recommend her energy work sessions to everyone!

Krystal Knigge, CEO of IGNITE Therapy

Blown away!​ Jetta is amazing, well-educated, and intuitively gifted! You will thank yourself for your session with Jetta! She is an excellent listener as well! I am just blown away every time I work with Jetta!

Kellie Palmer Butterfield, Idaho. Dec 3, 2020. Client since Feb 2020

Jetta was very intuitive and thorough. Jetta has been incredible helpful in our healing journey. I enjoy talking to her about her findings and her recommendations. She's helped my husband and son with their allergies. We always feel a shift in our health after working with her. Thank you for all your help and expertise.

Chani Elizabeth Birkner, Utah. June 9th, 2020. Client since March 2020

"In working with Jetta, the biggest changes I have seen is with a family member in his ability to do things he never would have tried before. He is doing a job he used to have some serious fears about. He is taking care of his family now. Another big difference is that he bounces back much faster from depression. I used to just dread him getting down because I knew it would be months long. Now he comes back faster, says sorry quicker and gets on with life again. Also he is more committed to our church. It has been a huge blessing. Something just cleared up mentally. For me the thing that I have noticed the most is also better mental clarity and immediate relief from whatever the current issue is."

​Amelia Hawkins, Missouri. Client since 2017

I had Reactive Attachment Disorder which I didn't realize I had until I was about to get remarried.

​I had 24 years of extreme stress during marriage that had traumatized me. I was so traumatized that the closer

I got to getting married, the more I was going down from the stress.

After I worked with Jetta, I was able to get married and I am happy with how she helped me.

Bambii Farrell Hornbeck, Washington. June 1, 2020. Client since Sept 2019

People develop a sense of their own personal greatness! Jetta has a serious passion for energy therapy. She's kind, friendly and has a helping personality as well as a strong faith in Christ. She's very thorough and helps people to develop a truer sense of their own personal greatness. She is patient in working through layers of condition, paradigms, and energies that hold us down or back from realizing a clearer mind and heart tapped into our own personal greatness. Thank you kindly Jetta for the many energy sessions and encouraging and faith promoting success I feel today. Wholeness requires personal roots and Jetta is excellent at growing these.

​Jeremy Butterfield, Utah. June 14, 2020. Client since Feb 2020

"I have really enjoyed having Jetta go through our program. She got the hang of things right away, worked very hard, jumped right in with clients using her knowledge and skills, and was able to get great clients results from the get go. She has lots of compassion, and definitely has the knack of listening and reading between the lines. She has very strong intuition that guides her and she is able to put things together to get to the heart of the matter so people can resolve the things holding them back."

​Stacey Nye, Canada. Vice President The F.I.X. Code

​"Jetta's work has really helped me. It goes really deep and much greater benefit than all the other modalities and practitioners I've gone to. And believe me, I've been to a lot!"

​Mary VanNoy, Indiana. January 2021. Client since November 2020

As Jetta's mentor & trainer it has been so exciting to see her blossom and grow as she has become proficient at coaching and using the Transformation Code in her practice. When you work with Jetta you will find that she is super compassionate and caring and will do her very best to give you the best experience possible. I have also had a session with Jetta and have personally experienced her expertise. When you are finished with a session with Jetta you will feel lighter, more in your power, and have more clarity about what is causing your emotional pain and how to shift it. You can't go wrong by doing an energy session with her and especially hiring her to be your mentor!

Janette VanLeer, Utah. Intuitive Transformational Life and Leadership Coach,

Transformation Code Trainer and Speaker

I want to thank you for the help you have provided me with removing a number of issues from my system with success. To date you have removed the following and it is really helping, I've been able to see a big difference in me personally and how I'm handling things as they related to the following items.

1. Not taking on blame

2. Anger Inside

3. Opening my mind to comprehend a concept with my schooling

4. Overwhelmed

5. Better time management

6. Being more peaceful and happier

Thank you again for all you do to help make my life better!

​Claire B., Missouri. June 2020. Client since 2017

I would highly recommend Jetta Cook to anyone who needs healing in your soul and body. I prayed for years for someone to help me to heal my life and I found her! She was able to uproot the trauma and childhood dysfunctions/patterns that held me captive/bound for many, many years.

She helped me to pull out the weeds (the issues of the past & all the lies I believed about myself) and get to the core/root issues so that the past pain would no longer control me. Jetta has helped me to find my true self/the real me that was in hiding/ buried and I have recovered my "true identity".

Through taking her transformation class I have discovered my true talents, gifts, abilities and have healed from the past pain and trauma. (My soul is well!) Jetta is a Jedi--the force is with her!

​Melanae Smith, Arizona. May 2021. Client since December 2020

I really enjoyed "I really enjoyed my session with Jetta! She is very kind and caring and you can tell she knows her craft. She is intuitive and picked up on things I didn’t even know were going on but that rang true to me. I could feel powerful shifts as she worked on me. Thank you Jetta for being who you are and sharing your gifts with the world!"

Emily Watson, Utah, Vice President of Abundance Masters

​"My session with Jetta was direct and focused. I love her voice and caring personality that helped me to feel comfortable and confident in her skills. You'll benefit from a session with Jetta too!"

​Kristine Farley, Washington. February 2020

Jetta is fantastic! She is intuitive and thinks of things that we have not specifically talked about but is needed to help heal. She really cares and wants you on the path to healing and it shows in the sessions with her. She's great with all ages too, not just with adults. We love working with her!" Sierra Roberts May 2021. Client since February 2021

​Thank you

for your trust!