Services and Booking an Appointment

​Private Sessions

​with Jetta

Option Three:

​One 30 minute session


Option Four:

One 60 minute session


Option Five:

One 90 minute session


Option Six:

One 60 minute coaching session


Coaching Package Opportunities:

8 Sessions with manual

Access to Videos

Virtual Energy Services:

Could include any combination of the following, depending on client

needs, or a stand alone technique could be requested:

Investigating Brain, Investigating Health, Healer's Blueprint,

Abundance Alignment Technique, Complete

Energy Balancing, Advanced Energy Wellness,

Ignite Therapy, Cranial Sacral Energy, The FIX Code, Transformation

Code, "Live Your Inspired Life" coaching program, & more.

I am here to pamper You

I am honored to be here to support you.