Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Virtual Energy Services being offered?

Investigating Brain, Investigating Health, Healer's Blueprint, Abundance Alignment Technique, Transformation Code, Complete Energy Balancing, Advanced Energy Wellness, Ignite Therapy, Cranial Sacral Energy, The FIX Code & more.

Are virtual energy sessions actually effective?

YES. Energy is intelligent and you do not have to be physically next to the other person for an accurate energy response. This virtual means is also known as "proxy work" or "distance work."

How do I schedule my appointment with you?

Click on the link and then choose 30 or 60 or 90 minutes session. After payment is received, (Venmo or PayPal)​ you'll receive a confirmation email and option to schedule based on your preferred availability.

Do you offer energy sessions for children?

Yes, I do. Age doesn't matter. I do ask for verbal permission as a professional and ethical policy.

What if I'm really busy & can't be on the phone during the session?

That's okay. As long as I have permission to do the session for you, I can do it and then send you my notes, if preferred.

What can a person experience from a session with you?

My clients have reported some of the following benefits: stress reduction, helps the flow of energy and removes energy blocks, ability to relax easier, increased confidence and faith, positive energy flow, they feel stronger, more clarity and perspective, feel more balanced and inner strength, helps them to feel happier and healthier, and that changes are lasting changes. Some clients have pointed out positive physical benefits like less pain and better sleep. No claims or cures are implied, as each person's experience is unique to them.

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